Oil and gas, for example, many devices used in the oil and gas industry to work in harsh environments, including not only the need to resist sand and other abrasive media, high-speed fluid erosion, but also to withstand corrosion damage. Taking these two factors, the oil and gas industry to gradually shift to more carbide accessories. These accessories can resist the natural properties of this wear mechanism; however, Zhuzhou Tongda alloy grades focus on the use of the binder phase in the field, which greatly improves the resistance to erosion corrosion properties of carbide, carbide grades in order to improve wear resistance, making it suitable for the industrial use of the throttle valve and introduced a variety of binder (Ni, Cr, Mo, and Co) corrosion-resistant materials. Today, under the seabed and other extreme environments have more than 100 kinds of throttle control valve is used carbide grades. Compared with traditional grades, the service period of these materials increased by 5 times. Zhuzhou alloy materials are now accessible so that the performance to another level. According to the actual operation of the feedback and equipment design engineers use the experience of these grades, carried out development work, focus on improving the toughness and strength of the material, have been successfully carried out and wear the best optimization (hardness) and toughness, thereby making more resistant to corrosion and wear the binder material success.