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Manufacturing processes for forming and processing technology type, modern carbide tooling manufacturing process has been greatly simplified, which, mold standard parts, not only the accuracy, quality has to meet the requirements of the assembly, and has been able to purchase from the market, forming parts of the blank including forging, rolling templates, you can also purchase from the market, therefore, carbide die manufacturing process of the main process content, forming only two major manufacturing processes and technology content pieces mold assembly process.

Wherein the order of the manufacturing process and the forming member is:

1, formed parts forming, including working holes, trenches and plane processing.

2, forming finishing workpiece profile, including hardening, nitriding processes and surface hardening processes.

3, forming finishing type workpiece surfaces, including plastic mold cavity striae processing, polishing and grinding.

Visible, stamping dies, mold forming forming parts of the feature has become a key process, commonly used in the molding process forming methods are the following:

1, CNC milling process for forming plastic injection mold, die casting mold and other mold-forming process for major pieces of processing, in particular high-speed milling, 4-5 axis machining technology applications, has become the main method of forming parts of modern processing technology .

2, the EDM process, commonly used in the mold cavity machining precision general, commonly used in the molding after forming milling precision machining to reduce the surface roughness value type, reduce grinding, polishing workload.

3, CNC, precision coordinate hole system processes.

4, CNC, precision EDM wire cutting process, commonly used in general die forming parts finishing work processes, but also for high-precision molds shaped piece pre-processing.

5, precision forming grinding process, mainly for precision die die punch pieces of forming.

6, mold cavity extrusion processing, precision casting process, the former is mainly used for simple shapes, shallow cavity machining, which are mainly used in automotive die like rolling die, die forming large .