Tungsten Carbide Brazed Tips

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1.ISO certification
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We supply ISO standard brazed tips: A,B,C,D,E.
National Standard:
S-A, S-B
Type                         Applications
A1      For making periphery turning tools, boring tools and grooving tools.
A2      For boring tools and end turning tools.
A3      For making end and periphery turning tools.
A4      For periphery turning tools, boring tools and turning tools.
A5      For making straight shank periphery turning tools, boring through tools and mounting type and milling tools.
B1      For making forming turning tools, planning and milling tools for maching dove tail grooves.
B2      For making forming tools for machining concave radil and forming turning tools for railway wheels.
B3      For making turning tools for radius machining.
B4      For making concave turning tool and wheel edge turning tools.
C1      for making threading turning tools & turning tools for the finishing of peripheries.
C2      For making finishing turning tools and trapezoid threading turning tools.
C3      for making parting tools and grooving tools.
C4      for making grooving tools for machining wheels of triangular belts.
C5      For making turning tools for the grooving of rolls in wheel flour production
C1-A   For making threading turning tools & turning tools for the finishing of peripheries.
D1      For making milling tools, periphery turning tools and boring tools.
D2      For making 3-edged milling tools, milling tools for T grooves and adjustable boring tools.
E1      For making straight flue drills for machining non-metal and metal materials.
E2      For making twist drills and straight flute drills.
E3      For making keyway milling tools, end milling tools and broaching bits.
E4      For making broaching drill bits.
E5      For making hand-operated reamers and automatic reamers.
F1      For making core clampers for lathes and periphery grinders.
Grade:YG6 YT5 YT15 YG8 YG15 YS25 ect

Also we can send you some samples for your testing.

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