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Tungsten Carbide Plates

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Zhuzhou Tongda manufacture tungsten carbide plates in different specifications according to clients' specific requirements. The surface condition are divided as sintered blank and grinding, which meet different products applications. Following is a drawing showing the carbide plates we supplied.

Tungsten carbide plates are used for cutting metal, wood and other materials. The advantages of our carbide cutting plates are smooth, fast cutting speed and have a long service time. Unlimited tracks of grades and sizes of carbide plates are available in our company.
We produce tungsten carbide plates in different sizes and qualities. We accept orders of all types of special products designed for our customers.
All our tungsten carbide plate products must be inspected strictly and only those without any damage, such as pores can be sent out.

Thickness, width, as well as Length can be various. If you have interest in purchasing our products, kindly please provide us the following necessary information for production:

specific dimensions including length, width, and thickness;
dimension tolerance if you have;
surface condition: sintered blank or grinding;
tungsten carbide grade or chemical composition.

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