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Tungsten Carbide Button Bits

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With the rapid development of mining industry, tungsten carbide button bit is widely used in coal mining, rock drilling and oil drilling industries. Generally, speaking, tungsten carbide button bits are usually designed to cope with many varied drilling conditions, and they can be easily replaced when they are worn and damaged. When selecting tungsten carbide button bits, customers are usually required to provide rock hardness, drilling machine's model and power, etc.

Advantages of tungsten carbide button bits vs. ordinary button bits:
1.Tungsten carbide buttons bits cost less but equipped with higher quality;
2.Impact of tungsten carbide button bits is less damaging to the cutting structure;
3.The fracturing action of tungsten carbide button bits is better in non-homogeneous rock formations;
4.Tungsten carbide button bits are easier to control offering lower torque, greater flexibility and a more steadily tool face in directional drilling applications;
5.Tungsten carbide button bits are more steerable than ordinary bits in directional drilling.

Zhuzhou tongda is equipped with rich experience in manufacturing tungsten carbide button tips, with finest quality and competitive price based on our 15 years manufacturing. If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

shape:ovoid, conical, parabolic, chisel, wing tip, scoop
We can provide cemented carbide mining bit, coal-cutting bit, button bit, tunnel boring machine tool, and drilling for mining and geological exploration use.
 it is fitting for serving as drill heads of heavy rock-digging machines, plumbum heads are used in deep hole drilling terrace vehicles. We can provide all kinds of button tips according to the drawings and samples including non-standard styles.
Our advantage of  tungsten carbide button bits
1. efficient processing, good high-temperature stability
2. easy to weld, no crack or chipping
3. smooth surface of stone after processing
4. exactly suggestion for the button used for soft, medium hard, hard and very hard rock.
5. durable performance, wear resistant and with enough impacting force agaist.
6.very good prices according to market situation.
7. very fast delivery time.

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