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Tungsten Carbide Sheet

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Tungsten carbide sheet also known as tungsten steel sheet, is a square material of tungsten steel. Tungsten carbide sheet can be divided into long thin plate and circular thin plate carbide according to different shapes. Some are squares, but also some are rectangle. In the mold factory, making mold cores, inserts, shaped punch, wear parts. Some tungsten carbide plates are thick but some are thick, thickness and thinnest plates are more difficult to machine, ultra-thin products easily deformed during the sintering time, if the tungsten carbide steel sheet are not well sintered, it is like an arch. 

Tungsten carbide sheet is widely used in ceramics, printing machinery, forestry, rubber, plastics, textile industry, cigarette machinery, packaging materials and other industries.

Tungsten carbide sheet have high temperature resistance, hardness and density. We provide tungsten carbide sheet with different surface treatments: hot-rolled alkaline cleaning, electrolytic polish, machined, or polished.

Thanks to our high capacities, we can manufacture even very large runs of tungsten carbide sheet without difficulty. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and many years of experience in the field of powder metallurgy, we can guarantee that you receive top quality - in every tungsten carbide sheet we supply.

A single source for all your needs.

We handle every stage in the manufacture of our products in-house. From the raw materials through to the finished tungsten carbide sheet: including the development of new materials. In this way, we can guarantee that you benefit from the very best quality.

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