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Carbide Road Buttons

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Zhuzhou tongda are able to provide high-quality tungsten carbide road buttons. Tungsten carbide road buttons is widely used in mining open pit mines and quarries, hydropower engineering, water well drilling, excavation and support side columns and so on. Mainly suitable for drilling rock hardness is not high.

Under the conditions it has a larger impact energy rock drill, drill bits applicability than flaky inserts, drilling speed, high life, carved hole more round.

There are some common types of road button bits:

1. DTH Road Button Bits: DTH button bits is using with a DTH hammer, which takes advantage of spline and impactor for drilling operations. It is widely used in mining, quarries, hydropower engineering, water well drilling and so on. In addition, it can be specifically divided into low pressure DTH button bits, high pressure DTH button bits. DTH button bits, used in conjunction with DTH hammer, which drilling straight and fast, as well as deep hole drilling. Therefore, it has been widely used in recent years.

2. Road Thread Button Bits: Threaded button bits mainly cooperated with hydraulic rock drill (or pneumatic drills) and hydraulic drill rod, and puncturing operation, which is through different patterns of cooperation with the drill rod and thread. The drill diameter ¢ 32- ¢ 203mm, mainly used in underground mining, open-air mining and mill blast furnace openings, etc., which is fast and easy for grinding.

3. Road Taper Button Bits: Taper connection button bits mainly cooperated with pneumatic drills and taper rod, which is puncturing by taper coupling. And mainly used in some fields, such as secondary mine cracking, anchor of support and roadway drilling.

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