Tungsten Carbide Acicular Drill

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Tungsten carbide acicular drill is new technologies develop by our drilling engineering since our reform. When used in hard rock, the acicular drill is more superior to steel, which with high efficiency, good quality, low cost, low consumption of steel and other advantages. Acicular drills and diamond drilling supporting the implementation of tiered drilling, for promote small-caliber diamond drilling has important significance.

Tungsten Carbide Acicular Drill Advantages
The advantages of acicular drill include the following:
1、High Efficiency
With self grind edge features, acicular drill take many rock’s free surfaces, it is more conducive to breaking rock. Drilling in the grade of 6 to 7 rock, the efficiency is one times than conventional carbide.
2、High Quality
Aperture are rules and uniformly, drilling with small curvature. The take rate of limestone core could reach to 80%~90% in the grade of 6 to 7.
3、Long Lifetime
Φ56mm acicular drill in seven limestone formation drilling, average bit life is 9.92m, it is three to five times than normal carbide drill, and the highest life is 23.98m.
4、Less Consumption of Steel
Acicular drill is less 60% than conventional carbide in per meter drilling and abrasive costs. 
5、Reused Bit Material
Low cost in the drill manufacture, a drill bit can be reused 2 to 3 times.
6、Easy To Operate

Small labor intensity, inner hole is cleaning, security is relatively good. 

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