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Tungsten Carbide Pins

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Zhuzhou tongda have specialized in manufacturing tungsten products, especially tungsten carbide tools, tungsten alloy parts, tungsten heater, wire and etc. for 2 decades. Tungsten carbide pins have always been our main products through the years, we have developed expertise in manufacturing a wide range of them. It was made of tungsten carbide, which is form by a fine gray powder that can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives,as well as jewelry.

Tungsten carbide pins are solid pins, usually precision ground to narrow limits to permit accurate fitting. Tungsten carbide pins are traditionally used to hold parts together in a fixed alignment relying on the tightness of fit to stay in place.

Zhuzhou tongda are able to supply tungsten carbide pins and extractable dowel pins in both metric and imperial sizes. In addition, we can manufacture tungsten carbide pins with special diameters, lengths or materials to meet your requirements. We currently have capacity to manufacture precision tungsten carbide pins to customer specifications and small diameter dowels are a speciality.  We offer a fast-turnaround, competitive pricing, longer lengths and have experience across all industries. 

All of our materials for the tungsten carbide pins are made from the electrolytic materials which made by our own powder plant, so, our quality is fine and the price is competitive. Any of your inquiry about our carbide pins will be highly welcomed.

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