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Tungsten Carbide Cold Heading Dies

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Tungsten carbide cold heading die raw material is produced by powder metallurgy composite materials, which have high hardness, wear resistance,life is several times and several hundred times than ordinary cold heading die. With carbide manufacturing standard tungsten carbide cold heading die, not only have high dimensional accuracy of parts, but also greatly improve the life of the cold heading die, can create good economic and social benefits.

Carbide is made of rare and very fine particles of refractory carbide (WC) and metallic cobalt as a binder composition. Due to the special method for producing such alloys remains the original characteristics of the tungsten carbide, its hardness close to diamond, and because of cobalt as a binder, it also has the toughness. Tungsten carbide cold heading dies material has the following characteristics: 
1. High wear resistance. Tungsten carbide cold heading dies material high wear resistance, tensile modulus can be guaranteed long-term work in any degree of deformation, ensuring standard size unchanged. 
2. Excellent in polishing. Carbide has a good polishing, can be processed into the die hole mirror light, ensuring high quality standard surface. 
3. Adhesion to metal is small. In the tungsten carbide cold heading process, ferrous metal material adhesion small carbide tooling materials, ensuring a high tungsten carbide cold heading die life. 
4. The friction coefficient and energy consumption is small. 
5. High thermal conductivity. Since the thermal conductivity of the tungsten carbide die is high, heat generated during the cold forging can quickly conducted away to improve the durability of the mold. 
6. Good corrosion resistance.

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