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Carbide Wear Sleeve

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Specification of carbide wear sleeve

Our carbide wear sleeve, which has good wear resistance, high machining accuracy and nearly perfect performance, are widely used in water, oil and other high corrosion and corrosion resistance pumps.

The specification we can make is OD 6~ 450, ID 8~ 400 and H 2~ 225 mm.We can make various carbide wear sleeve with complicated shapes. Either blanks or finished products can be provided.

There are many carbide wear sleeve specifications and grades. Zhuzhou tongda may also supply according to your prints, but if we have no moulds you should prepay the mould charges, when you get to a certain quantity, we will return the charges as a payment.

Carbide Wear Sleeve Applications

Carbide wear sleeve applications is widespread, the high flexibility of use.Generally speaking carbide wear sleeve is a device to protect a class of components. It is in the actual work and the role and purpose of its application environment have a great relationship. Valve applications, sleeves be installed in the valve stem cap trap, in order to reduce the valve leakage, to seal; bearing applications, the use of sleeve to reduce wear between the bearing and the shaft seat, avoid the gap between the shaft and the hole increases and so on.

Carbide wear sleeve production and processing of high-strength, can withstand prolonged load, with high chemical stability, alkali, alcohol, ether, hydrocarbons, acid, oil, detergent, water (sea water), and has no smell , non-toxic, tasteless, non-rust characteristics, its widely used in alkali corrosion, environmental health, food, textile and other aspects of mechanical components provides excellent conditions for use.

Carbide wear sleeve role:
1. simplified maintenance of the machine, saving labor, excellent mechanical cutting performance, improve labor productivity;
2. good elasticity, can be bent without distortion, while maintaining toughness, resistance to repeated impact;
3. wear and self-lubricating, carbon steel provides superior cast bronze and phenolic laminate performance in the absence of oil (or butter oil) lubrication applications, reduce consumption, energy saving;
4. suction noise, vibration, MC nylon molding metal is much smaller than that of vibration attenuation, provides practical ways superior to metal to prevent noise;
5. compared with metal carbide wear sleeve, MC nylon low hardness, no damage to the grinding parts;

6. low mc coefficient, provided its wide application in friction possible. is mainly used for stamping and drawing aspect, the device is to protect a class of components, depending on the demand, the product will have a different approach. Use sleeve, can effectively reduce the wear and punch or bearing between devices, and to achieve a guiding role. In terms of stamping dies, carbide wear sleeve because wear, good finish, without frequent replacement, so as to achieve a higher utilization of equipment and personnel, and is widely used; stretching terms, mainly because some pieces of copper, stainless steel stretching pieces, because the frequency is too high, easy to heat, resulting in wear bush so that the red needle moves, poor appearance of the product size product errors, and products. Customers are advised to try a selection of carbide wear sleeve, to avoid the above-mentioned drawbacks. Zhuzhou tongda can provide high-quality carbide wear sleeve, bore and cylindrical mirror surface finish are high dimensional accuracy, vertical well, enjoy a higher rating among customers.

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