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Tungsten Carbide Three dimension rolls

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The three dimensional carbide roll rings is the main products of tongda, our three dimensional carbide roll rings is used in reinforcement wire cold rolling and forming, we had more than 15 years experience to processing the three dimensional carbide roll rings, and exported to 21 countries for more than 8 years, till now, 0 complain of the quality.
Our three dimensional carbide roll rings include PR,CA,CO,RT,RO,FO type. Also could make it as per customer requirements.
The  three dimensional carbide roll rings blanks we used are sintered in HIP furnace, 100% virgin material.

Application Requirements 3-Dimensional Cemented Carbide Roll Rings
1.Any striking on and collision with roll rings is strictly prohibited.
2.When in installing the whole assembly pf roll rings, the clearance of the bearings should be on the tighter side.
3.The precision of rotation of the whole assembly(circular runout and runout)should be kept within ±0.05mm.
4.The fitting of the whole assembly and the roll rings shall be a transitional fitting and fastened.
5. The roll rings should not be cooled by water or oil water emulsion.
6. The joints of the pipes in the internal cooling system should not be leaky and it is advisable that no inner cooling is applied.

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