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Tungsten Carbide Composite rolls

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The composite roll is that cemented carbide roll rings and steel shaft are compounded into a whole through the special method, which is used for rolling round steel, screw steel, flat steel and angle steel, etc.

We can supply various specifications of composite roll with Φ300-500mm and 30-150mm of thickness. Our company possesses powerful R&D experience on cemented carbide roll ring. We develop a new pre-stressed composite roll independently. The roll has these characteristics: excellent structure, advanced manufacturing technology, is safe and reliable during use, big feed quantity of single groove, small quantity of grinding. It resolves the large-diameter roll ring application problems successfully. 

Advantages of composite roll

The quality of steel products can be promoted. The surface quality and tolerance of products can be thoroughly improved. The negative deviation can be controlled more precisely.

The change frequency of groove and roll can be reduced. The downtime can be shorted. The labor intensity can be reduced in rolling workshop. Increasing productivity and output can create greater economic benefit at the same time.

The rejection rate of products can be reduced.

Greatly reducing the steel cost for per ton is effectively way for enterprise to reduce cost and increase benefits.

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