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Cemented Carbide Drawing Dies

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What is Cemented Carbide Drawing Dies?
Cemented carbide dies usually refers to all kinds of wire drawing die, there are pull-mode optical fiber drawing. The center of all the drawing die hole has a certain shape, round, square, octagonal or other special shapes. Metal is pulled through the die hole size smaller, or even shape change.

Types of Drawing Dies Steel die.
There can be a number of different diameter holes on steel die. 
Carbide Die - used for drawing wire (steel wire). 
Wire mode - used to pull non-ferrous metal wire, such as copper, aluminum, etc..

Based on different application, those dies for drawing wires are called cemented carbide wire drawing dies. Cemented carbide wire drawing dies are used for drawing kinds of wire, such as: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel etc. The wire drawing dies we supply including the natural diamond wire drawing dies, PCD wire drawing dies and cemented carbide wire drawing dies. All major wire producers use cemented carbide wire drawing dies, for they are durable and resist abrasion well. We can supply different dies, such as drawing die, punching die, extrusion die, cold heading die, which are fully finished or rough cored - cased or uncased, to meet clients exact requirements.
Carbide grades for drawing dies: 
 YG3X YG6X YG6A YG3 YG6 YG8 YG11 YG15 YG18 YG20 
 We can make suggestions of suitable grades for customers’ usage. 
 Our types of cemented carbide drawing dies: 
 1. Dies for rawing metal wires 
 2. Dies for rods. 
 3. Dies for tubes. 
 4. Dies for plugs. 
 5.No-standard drawing dies 
 6.finished and semi-finished available. 

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