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Cemented Carbide Thread Rollers

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TC thread roller is used in high speed wire rolling with the speed over 100m/s, rare to have crack, broken, slot old and other problems. TC roller can also be used for general steel or alloy steel high speed wire rolling. The steel outlet quantity of single groove is high, and the maintenance after offline is low, used for rolling general steel, alloy steel wire material with high speed, low temperature.

Tongda supply different types of roller rings: 3-dimensional roller ring for cold rolling ribbed bar,roller ring for hot rolling seamless steel tube, high speed thread roller ring, composite roller rings. Our roller rings are made of high purity raw material with over 99.95% purity tungsten powder and pressed by advanced imported machines and equipment. Our roller rings been widely used in production of rolling high speed wire, bar, thread steel, seamless steel, and our roller rings have the advantages of extremely low impurity, regular hole pattern,low allowance for dimension tolerance ,short leading time.

6 reasons for choosing TD Carbide
Price: large-scale purchasing, integrated production and marketing, can save cost for you.
Quality: Use coil and hot isostatic pressing, almost fine for carbide and high stability.
Supervision: 100% raw material, supervise in production, super high quality for you.
Lifetime: 20-30 times of common iron rolls, 2 times of HSS rolls, save production cost for you.
Customized: high quality customized non-standard products, less cost for you.
Service: Professional technicians solve problems for you.

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