Tungsten Carbide Ball Mill Grinding Jars

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High polished tungsten carbide ball mill grinding jars, highly wear-resistant and resistant to acid and alkali. High hardness, can meet the vast majority of metal powder crushing and refining. Each jar set includes grinding jar, lid, rubber sealing gasket and mixed tungsten carbide grinding balls. The grinding jars are extensively applied to in the fields of Metallurgy, Ceramics, Electronics, Light Industry, Paint, Medicine, Geology, Chemical Engineering and so on.

Acid and alkali resistant; heat resistant; very good wear resistant; anti-oxidation

Grinding jars can be made in customized sizes to meet all kinds of requirements of planetary ball mills

High hardness, can meet the vast majority of metal powder crushing and refining.

Item No. : WC-(50 ml -30000 ml)

Main Material : Tungsten Carbide --WC-YG8

Jar Volume : 50 mL~30000 mL

Max Loading Capacity : 2/3 capacity of the grinding jar

Density : 14.95g/cm3

Main Chemical Compositions : WC (92%),  Cobalt (8%)

Surface Treatment : blank finish

Abrasion Resistance : very good

Grinding Balls : mixed Tungsten Carbide ball (should be ordered separately)

Hardness : 92.1 HRA

Suitable for : hard and abrasive samples

Choice of Grinding Jars & Balls

In order to prevent excessive abrasion, the hardness of the grinding jars used and of the grinding balls must be higher than that of the material grinded. Normally grinding jars and grinding balls of the same material should be choosen. The grinding jars & balls configurations are listed below:

The size of the grinding jars and grinding balls should be determined experimentally if necessary.

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