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performance tools for mining

2015/10/12      view:
extreme performance in the most
challenging environments
Underground, the need for continuity, reliability and consistent performance is paramount. Zhuzhou Tongda has been working with partners in the mining industry to develop cutting tool solutions that deliver consistency in many different conditions from abrasive powdery minerals to dense igneous rocks. For these demanding environments, Zhuzhou Tongda offers a comprehensive portfolio of mining solutions.

inserts for the most challenging mining applications
Zhuzhou Tongda manufactures a comprehensive range of inserts for percussive drilling tools, roller cone bits and tunnelling. Percussive drilling is particularly 
challenging and our range of inserts is specially formulated to cope with the stress encountered during the most severe drilling conditions. The inserts are available in a range of sizes and shapes. In aggressive rock formations our Gradient Carbide technology can also offer significantly more wear resistance and fracture toughness. Where very high MPa values combine with hard abrasive geology, Zhuzhou Tongda Percussive Diamond Inserts (PDIs), with their unique 3D PCD technology, can help overcome these very challenging environments. They offer:
– Excellent wear resistance and penetration rates
– Significant energy saving
– Improved rig utilisation and faster project completion

industry leading tungsten carbide and PCD mining tools
Zhuzhou Tongda mining picks offer the best-in-class performance for continuous cutting applications such as soft rock underground mining (e.g. coal, gypsum or potash) or continuous surface mining (e.g. iron ore). 
When extreme performance is required, such as in tough geology or remote mining situations, our technical team can configure customised tools with PCD tips. 
These tip formulations can also be applied to rotary drill bits for roof bolting applications and for vacuum drilling.