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How To Use Cemented Carbide Wire Drawing Dies?

2016/3/12      view:
Cemented carbide wire drawing dies is one kind of cemented carbide drawing dies. Wire drawing is a metal working process to reduce the cross-section of a wire by pulling the wire through a single or series of drawing dies. So do you know how to use cemented carbide wire drawing dies? There are some tips that you should pay attention to.

Tip 1: you should be familiar with the drawing process line, Distinguish whether specifications of dies is corresponding with the its working process. If not, it is tend to cause idle work and also damage to the carbide wire drawing dies.

Tip 2: before using cemented carbide wire drawing dies, please put them neatly according to the size specifications. Check the quality of the copper coated steel wire,  if it is abnormal, please bulletin. When using the drawing dies, please ensure the surface of steel wire has lubricant and as far as possible to ensure sufficient lubrication. Also check the tolerance of each die size is in line with the process requirement.

Tip 3: check whether it is three point one line status in the using process, and check if there is friction between the drawing die parts and equipment. If there is any lack of standardization, please adjust it in time. Otherwise, it is easy to cause steel wire surface damage and expansion of drawing dies.

Tip 4: after comprehensive review, please lock the gate tightly to prevent the vibration of the machine tool. And also, please check the level of lubricant to meet the lubrication and cooling of finished cemented carbide wire drawing dies.

Tip 5: when starting the machine, please ensure the machine running at low speed to guarantee fully grinding of the drawing die surface.

Have you got how to operate cemented carbide wire drawing dies? When using it, please be careful.