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15 anniversary celebration(Carbide popularizing storm all markdown)

2015/7/6      view:
save big-all about cemented carbide roller


1、Carbide popularizing preferential offer

Save production cost. Our roller’s average milling amount :
Pre finishing mill stands 3000-5000tons             Finishing mill 3-4 stands 1800-3000tons
Finishing mill 5-8 stands 1200-2000tons            Finishing mill 9-10 stands 500-1500 tons
Save delivery time. Varies sizes of roller blanks in stock. 15 days delivery available for certain items.
Save money. For new customer, Total amount ≥$40,000, less $1888; 
Total amount ≥$20,000, less $888;
Total amount ≥$4,000, less $168;
For old customers, you can get 5% coupons of order amount as deposit of next order.
Reparing service is offered after sale, Mark logo as request, MOQ 1 pc acceptable.

2、Hot-sale preferential offer

3、E-commerce preferential offer
Gifts for interaction: All follow our Facebook can participate in Lucky Draw; 
participate after-sale survey, Lucky draw gifts monthly.
Online order: Order from AliExpress and Escrow with good comments, decoration worth $15 offered.
More preferential offer, please contact our salesman, Email: