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products for every stage in oil & gas production

2015/10/12      view:
helping to meet the industry's main challenge
Throughout the Oil & Gas industry the challenge of working in new environments calls for innovative ways to drill deeper, further and faster, as well as achieving new levels of reliability and efficiency. Zhuzhou Tongda can help you meet that challenge.
Zhuzhou Tongda offer a wide range of materials, products and technical services for use in many applications in the Oil & Gas industry, from upstream drilling and extraction equipment to electrochemical sensing and analysis applications.
We partner with our customers to help them raise productivity and become more competitive by:
– Improving Rates of Penetration (ROP) and cutting the cost per foot drilled
– Reducing rig downtime and shortening drilling project duration
– Improving competitiveness throughout the Oil & Gas value chain

drilling inserts:
transforming productivity
Polycrystalline Diamond Cutter (PDC) inserts from Zhuzhou Tongda deliver high impact resistance and exceptionally low wear rates, even in the most challenging rock formations. Tests show they achieve very high ROP with longer tool life, deeper drilling depth and far fewer drill bit changes. Zhuzhou Tongda also offers a range of high performance tungsten carbide inserts and synthetic diamond grit for roller cone and impregnated bits; providing the solution for all drilling requirements.

wear solutions:
bottom hole assembly and flow control
Zhuzhou Tongda's range of tungsten carbide and PCD materials alongside world class engineering expertise make us the partner of choice for maximising productivity throughout all Oil & Gas exploration and production stages. 
Bespoke wear solutions include bearings, rotors, stators, nozzles, sleeves, rings, chokes & valves for bottom hole assemblies and well heads.

sensing and detecting:
information at the extremes
Very few diagnostic tools can be sent down an oil well and survive, however, tools with sensors made of synthetic diamond can operate reliably and continuously despite the heat, aggressive chemicals and the physical stress encountered down hole. Synthetic diamond has high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it an ideal material for sensing and detecting sulphur content, heavy metals, salinity and PH in hostile environments.